Hyde or Buy

A.B. Atri


From Andrew Birk 2012: In most photographs, in most boring redundant photographs, photographs not worth uttering a word about, the viewer is a force that activates the photograph, and not the other way around. The photograph itself has no stock. It is a worthless exchange.

A.B. Atri´s photographs engage the viewer in a different, lets say, performative, way. At their most cogent, these are photographs that make you aware of the man behind the camera; meandering through life, space and time unfolding as he shoots. These images are not beckoning the viewer to imagine themself inside of the frame, but rather, as the person capturing it. Only a rare blend of eye, instinct, and technical virtue, can pull off this fresh-faced, bed-headed look. 

We are not concerned with how or where or why, we are raptured, becoming the photographer, thrown in to a simple bathroom with two flowing brunettes and nothing but possibilities. We are pivotting and adapting, lost and found creatures, engaging in experiences without certainty of outcome. 
A.B. Atri´s photographs are not just cut from the same cloth, they are the cloth.

From Hyde: I met a very gracious A.B. in real life after making him wait for 20 minutes because I didn't bother to look for him outside, and after insulting him for not asking my name in an email when he was introducing himself.  I was going to ignore him all together, but one look at his photographs and I knew that wasn't an option. I have a feeling you'll feel the same.