Hyde or Buy

Lily Rosenquist

From Lily: Lily Rosenquist's work deals with experimentation, planning, and phenomena. Though she is captivated by unpredictable elements such as fire and electricity she is equally interested in constructing and documenting devices used to deal with that aspect of nature, particularly if they present themselves in a absurd way or appear to be mysterious yet purposeless. She continues to pursue this investigation of inexplicable things in Los Angeles, CA. 

From Hyde: Lily applied for a position that we didn't have available and I had to pass that disappointing news on to her. In the meantime I completely snooped on her catalog via the work email and creepily contacted her to see if she wanted to be a part of Hyde or Buy because her work was too fresh to pass up. Luckily she didn't think I was a super creep and I'm happy to have her on board!