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Noah Jashinski

Noah Jashinski’s career began while studying film at New York University. Though photography did not become his main focus till many years later, his love of 60’s French New Wave cinema heavily inspires his ascetic to this day.  After pursuing a career in directing, the results from a trip to the middle with a plastic camera and a bag of expired film, changed the trajectory of how he would express his art from that point forward.


Noah immediately began collecting cameras and organizing shoots with friends or regular people he met on the street. Obsessed with capturing real moments of intimacy and emotion, he shied away from tainting it with post production and continues to do so to this day. In this same vein, he does all of his work on real film; he is in love with the imperfection, warmth, and texture of the results. Like life, there are happy accidents and often a need to pause and be deliberate with every shot. With film being costly, every shot matters and he believes, that is the way photography was intended to be – an intimate bond and trust between subject, photographer, and equipment.


He currently resides in Los Angeles, splitting his time between his fine art projects and other work

From me: I met Noah when one of my favorite people (jerk) moved to NY and she had a going away party. I knew we would be fast friends and immediately got mad at said jerk for keeping him from me for so long. Besides being a Grade A solid human being and friend he's an incredibly talented photographer and I knew I had to have him! Luckily for me he agreed.